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  Clive P. Maund
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    Gold Market Update
    If we lived in a normal word of fiscal propriety, the falling oil price would be viewed as something to celebrate, as it reduces costs across the board, and should theoretically boost the economy, but we live in an abnormal debt-wracked world where instead fears are surfacing that the plunging oil price will trigger a series of cascading loan defaults that have the potential to collapse the system Ė already world stockmarkets are buckling. If things really start to unravel it should provide the perfect excuse to bring in global coordinated QE, which we have been moving towards over the past few years...

    Posted at 4.15 am EST on 15th December 14
    Silver Market Update
    Silver broke out of its 5-month downtrend last week as expected, but, as with gold, the move was unfortunately not confirmed by action in stocks, which have continued to drift lower. When this fact is combined with the ramping of Commercial short and Large Spec long positions over the past couple of weeks, it starts to look like this breakout was false. Certainly a reaction is looking a lot more likely now...

    Posted at 4.00 am EST on 15th December 14.
    Oil Market Update
    Youíve seen what happened to gold and silver last week Ė they crashed support and plunged. Well, the same looks like itís about to happen to oil, one reason being the same, the strong dollar, and the other reason being sagging demand as deflationary forces wreak havoc in Europe and other places.
    Posted at 11.10 am EST on 2nd November 14.
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