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  Clive P. Maund
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    Gold Market Update
    The Pope just observed that the situation in the world today amounts to a Third World War Ė heís right and although he didnít point the finger, we know what itís all about Ė the maintenance and imposition of the dollar as the dominant world currency, by diplomacy or by force as deemed necessary. We will come to these geopolitical considerations later as they of course have huge implications for the dollar and thus for Precious Metals...

    Posted at 7.30 am EDT on 15th September 14
    Silver Market Update
    As you probably know we had expected gold and silver to start picking up in the last update, for various reasons, the most important of which being that they are at important support at the most bullish time of year, seasonally, for the Precious Metals, but the dollar rally accelerated even more, driving gold and silver still lower and deeper into key support which is now being severely tested. If the dollar continues higher then gold and silver could crash this key support, but this doesnít look likely short-term because the dollar is now critically overbought and needs to take a breather...

    Posted at 8.15 pm EDT on 15th September 14.
    Oil Market Update
    Oil has been a dull market for years now, with the price trapped in a relatively narrow trading range, which is why we havenít paid it much attention in the recent past, but there are signs that this is set to change soon.
    Posted at 8.45 am EDT on 6th August 14.
    Tony's Options Corner
    Welcome to the Options Corner
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