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  Clive P. Maund
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    Gold Market Update
    Some of you may remember those gold ingot vending machines that started to pop up at airports and other places several years ago, which were of course a sign of a top. If they are still there they have probably been reconfigured to dispense cans of coke and candy, and if so itís a positive sign for gold. Gold is set up to rally soon because it is oversold, with its COTs and sentiment readings at extremes characteristic of a bottom and also because the dollar is wildly overbought and out on a limb, and looking vulnerable to a reaction...

    Posted at 9.10 am EDT on 28th September 14
    Silver Market Update
    Many investors have been freaked out by silverís recent breakdown from a Descending Triangle and the sharp drop that followed, but as we will see there is now a strong case to make for silver either being at its low for this cycle, or very, very close to it...

    Posted at 6.30 am EDT on 28th September 14.
    Oil Market Update
    Oil has declined as expected and predicted in the last update, posted early in August, but has not broken down from the large formation that it has been stuck in since early 2011. Now it is showing signs that it is about to turn up and rally over the short to medium-term, although over a longer time horizon it could be severely impacted by a market crash triggered by rising interest rates.
    Posted at 8.50 am EDT on 30th September 14.
    Tony's Options Corner
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